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>> riveting stuff. >> absolutely. >> could listen to that for hours. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the fact that it was .eviewed it was awful. >> a stunner in seattle. controversial call by the reaches at referees level. the referees ruled the final play as a touchdown, but many was an interception. good morning. tuesday, september 25.
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i am brad bell. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get straight to meteorologist jacqui jeras. you need to enjoy the weather today. the last gorgeous a cold front is coming. that will bring a chance of s not just tomorrow but lasting through the weekend. this morning we are waking up to pull conditions. 54 in the district, 48 adults, 43 in martinsburg. mostly sunny and cole today. 58 at 9:00, 68 at noon, partly cloudy and perfect, 74 at 5:00. let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> good morning. a nice start to the tuesday. especially in2 maryland in70, as the b-w parkway
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50, all moving well. once you get to the beltway, was earlier congestion in greenbelt down to one lane, but .ll lanes are now open things are moving quite well 201. of still some work on the outer loop near university boulevard, right lanes open at the northwest branch. know earlya, trouble. up the traffic cones. >> touchdown. fans will be it this morning. nfl players and fans expressing disgust over the controversial .all >> the replacements referees touchdown to the seahawks, but it appears it was
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intercepted. mark against .he replacement referees now more. >> the final play. >> a hail mary pass. it looked like a deflection. the referees were giving mixed signals. >> the call on the field stands. touchdown. >> the seahawks win in the most .izarre finish you'll ever see >> and former coach -- >> this is comical. that is two of the worst calls football gamea remember. furious.oach got
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>> i never met any disrespect or beed to abuse or disrespectful to the officials. >> the lockout is creating a firestorm.a brandon treeted -- and the saints quarterback --eted of theis in and hands nfl and the officials union. and a green bay linebacker posted -- abc news, new york. >> a with abc 7 news for the latest on the referee controversy. for more. >> at dulles international
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be business as reports of a bomb threat. garage was closed several hours monday night while investigated floor by car. and, by authorities did not find suspicious, but there delays involving arriving s.ight the airports did not have to be shut down. >> ribbon cutting will be held the startng to mark of greyhound bus service and union station. eleanor holmes norton will over the event. greyhound service at union .tation begins tomorrow montgomery county police investigating a stabbing in just aftervillage 10:30. was outside an apartment complex. a man was stabbed several times. we don't know his condition or what led to it. police of not release any information on the suspects.
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will be a devastating day liberty highat school in fauquier county. >> a 16-year-old ian heflin was y morning when the was in a crash. his sister was seriously injured. the teenage driver was not injured./ a lunchtime memorial was held to heflin, who was a player.lacrosse >> he was like a firefly. >> he was fine and happy when i saw him. and then he's not there. everyone.y rough for >> police are investigating the crash. teenagers were wearing seat belts. >> the d.c. board of elections will hold a voter registration today from 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m.
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square, they will people toging register. otherere are several locations throughout the city. >> the president and first lady york city. will attend the un general assembly today, where the president will speak. they taped an interview for the view on monday on abc and they policy andforeign- glider topics. that at 11:00 this morning on abc 7. >> republican nominee mitt speak in newlso morning and then ohio. yesterday in colorado to criticize the president's foreign-policy, accusing him of minimizing the recent killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya as a bump in the road rather than part of a chain of events. the white house called romney's comments desperate and defensive. tim kaine picking up a major
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endorsement today. a delaware senator is going to support behind a democrat at a stop in fairfax county. then they will both go to n for a roundtable discussion on supporting small business. and george allen are battling for the seat held by webb. justin timberlake brought sexy back and now he's looking to bring myspace back. atlet's get to linda bell bloomberg headquarters in new york with that and more. gains insee some yesterday. .t went to a new record high the company is expected to the leader in the u.s. to display advertising, which banner ads.
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facebook stocks it now trading below $21 a share. some say the stock is and it's predicted to drop. annger justin timberlake took in myspace ake ago. users can give their e-mail for an invite to the new service. the peanut butter recall is getting expanded beyond trader joe's. more on that in the next hour. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 3 degrees. >> still to come, an update on a
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involving hundreds of pepco workers. are expected to vote
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>> will soon find out if pepco picketn will hit the
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lines. they're expected to vote on a on wednesday.sal the main sticking point is changes to health and welfare plans. >> the public roundtable will be in the glenn dale neighborhood of northwest d.c. has flooded four time this year. legislation will be discussed involving flood prevention and assistance, at 2:00 in the wilson building. >> it's 53 degrees. fall is nearing. >> absolutely. it is colder today than yesterday morning. cool econd day of the morning temperatures. there you can see skies are morning.s
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54 in the district, 48 in dallas, 45 in petersburg, 46 at gaithersburg. 70-75 for the high temperature today. there's rain in the seven-day forecast. eight coming up in about minutes. let's check on traffic with angela. >> uneventful for the most part out there. are heading in from virginia, a live look at the 95.ngfield interchange on fredericksburg through falmouth, construction is gone. southbound at about 3 there is a leadinge that will be momentarily. beltway, from the inner to route 7, both ramps are closed and an overnight works on as well. be out of that will the way momentarily. back to you. >> thank you. 4:45, 53 degrees.
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>> another honor for the late
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investigators searching for shot a manwho park bank.akoma suspect -- the suspect mondayhed the victim night. then the suspect shot the victim and stole money from him. the victim is expected to survive. it's not clear what exactly led to the shooting. a national zoo official says the six-day old panda cub who sunday had abnormalities in its literary and flew in the abdomen. are awaiting test results, be back inxpected to about two weeks. not accidentally crushed to death by her mother.
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since the death, her mother mei started eating and started interacting with zookeeper's again. plants to turn county farmntgomery will takecer field today.ase to court judge to release it. documents about they say the move was made without community input. a judge temporarily halted close the farm last month. >> some retired military leaders calling child obesity a security andional to discuss the issue at the national press club at noon today. every four young obese to join the military. a will hold and are
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special tribute for prisoners of war. charles county will become the state tonty in the pow-mia flagy the at the local government buildings. invited to is attend in la plata later this morning. the navy is naming a new class of research vessels after neil armstrong. they will carry on board labs equipment to the deepest parts of the ocean. unable aviator before he was an astronaut. flew 80 combat missions during the korean war. . it is 53 degrees outside. >> some familiar faces return to floor.ce it is the all stars addition. >> ♪ you told me to leave you alone ♪
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>> good morning. i'm jacqui jeras in the belfort furniture weather center on a day.ous the changes are ahead. the satellite picture shows showers and storms just off to our west. moving to our tomorrow andby
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bringing a chance of rain. it is a chilly start. 46 degrees in gaithersburg, 48 dulles, 54 at reagan national. 43 in manassas. temperatures will warm up very nicely and this afternoon. mostly sunny skies, 75 degrees. warmer tomorrow. look for a chance of rain in the wednesday through sunday. not going to be widespread every day, just a chance of rain. temperatures will be cooling down. i would like to connect with you. please reach out to be on facebook. my name is a little difficult to spell, so there is on the screen. if you have an event that you are looking for a specific r, sending a message that onill try to get the air for you. now let's check on traffic with angela. >> good morning on this tuesday.
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start.y good you may run into trouble spots heading south of the district on virginia. avoid fredericksburg. the work zone is still active. two left lanes closed approaching route 3. at 66.look it is easy in down so far. making your way through a andeville and into vienn spots.hurch, no trouble lanes are open and moving well. looking very nice on the dulles greenway as well as the toll road. that the latest from the traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. "dancing with the stars" is back. 13 celebrities had to shake off the dust for a second chance on the dance floor. anderson landed at the
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bottom, meaning she is in danger tonight.home more. >> the best of the best hit the dance floor for the premiere. >> the judging will be a little because we have all been here before. correct the contestants are "minute to win it. winners from past seasons are competing against seven fell just short of trophy.orball the judges are awarding of scores. every half point could make the stays and between who can. it's the fox trot in the first e cha-cha. and there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd, including
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palin, returning to cheer on her daughter. abc news, los angeles. >> to celebrate the new fall shows, we are giving away gift with $200 worth prizes, including show dvd's. you have until 6:00 a.m. to go page andcebook sign up to win. don't delay. online. it is for clocked 57,. 53, >> new details into last week's which lefts >> new details into last week's which lefts thousands of
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.

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